Aug 2020 - Emerging MR webinar series: With the ICMRBS conference and other NMR meetings postponed, Kevin presented some of the lab's emerging high pressure NMR results as part of the (Emerging MR webinar series, talk archived at ICMRBS YouTube channel).

Jan 2020 - Secret Science Club: Kevin got to fulfil a bucket list item by giving the first Secret Science Club of the new decade, Jan 21, 2020. Not every day that one gets to give a talk in a bar, with a drink named The Inner Space to celebrate structural biology! (SSC website).

Jan 2020 - STIM GRC: Lab members Igor, Zaynab, and Uthama joined Kevin at the Sensory Transduction in Microorganisms GRC and GRS meetings in Ventura, Jan 12-17, 2020. Great chance to share our data and hear some excellent work on a wide variety of bacterial sensing and signaling systems (meeting website).

for November 29, 2020, as found in B Nye (The Science Guy), ESPNet Sportszone May 1997:

"The natural frequency of wooden (baseball) bats is around 250 cycles per second, or 250 Hertz."