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package for determining affinities of protein/ligand complexes (scripts no longer distributed - similar functionality in NMRViewJ)
useful startup script
calculate random coil values for deuterium exchange via Bai et al., Proteins 17(1993):75
package of scripts for displaying & plotting multiple 2D datasets (scripts no longer distributed - similar functionality available in NMRView 5.0.x and all of NMRViewJ)
useful shell script for starting NMRView, automatically backing up databases. particularly useful with user.tcl
plot all 2D x/y planes from 3D matrix (superceded by PlotAllPlanes command in NMRView5.0.4)


  • scripts are currently tested with NMRView 5.0.x and 5.2.x, running with Tcl 8.3 and Tk 8.3 (from NMRView distribution)
  • more information on running scripts can be found in the header, or in README files that accompany packages
  • use these at your own risk --- and please drop me a line if you come across any unusual behavior or if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Other local sources of NMRView information:

  • Intro to Advanced NMRView Topics written by Carlos Amezcua and presented at the 2003 UAH Biomolecular NMR workshop. Includes introductions to CBCA analysis, chemical shift index and Gardner lab titration and screening analyses.

Off-site sources of NMRView information:

Tcl resources: